VCN Biosciences Bellvitge Campus first company to move to the Biopol Bioincubator

VCN Biosciences, founded by Dr. Manel Cascalló, Dr. Gabriel Capella, and Dr. Ramon Alemany, is a spin-off of the virotherapy group from the Catalan Institute of Oncology. Has recently won first prize in the competition BioEmprendedor XXI, sponsored by La Caixa, Barcelona Activa, Biocat, Spain Genome Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce.

Although the possibility of using viruses to fight cancer is researched and known since 1912, it was not until a few years ago with the arrival of technology that allows to manipulate the viral genome, that has experienced a major boost and has produced promising results.

By its very selective nature, oncolytic adenoviruses can be administered by systemic, something especially relevant to the treatment of spread cancer. Moreover, contrary to what happens with chemotherapy, its ability to self-amplify in the tumor cells increases its effectiveness over time. All this makes it a promising alternative in the treatment of refractory tumors.

The VCN Biosciences research currently focuses on the VCN-01 adenovirus, a microorganism that previous works have shown that slows tumor growth and also has a good toxicity profile in preclinical studies with animals. The company plans to launch a clinical program with this virus in pancreatic cancer with intravenous administration, and in head and neck tumors with intratumoral administration.

May 2011

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