The University Hospital of Bellvitge, received one of the 2012 Awards Professor Barea health management awards

On  April 19th, the Foundation Signo gave Profesor Barea 2012 Awards, an initiative designed to highlight and recognize the work of public and private institutions that improve health management and the development of new initiatives seeking the optimization of healthcare services.

A total of 31 works were presented in the 10th edition of this award. The initiatives awarded were from  University Hospital of Bellvitge, Hospital Galdakao, the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality and the Hospital Infanta Cristina de Parla (Madrid).

In the category Health centers as service businesses: overall management the award was given to the work on  Ambulatory Medicine and alternatives to conventional hospitalization as a solution to the lack of hospital beds from the University Hospital of Bellvitge.

The project, presented by Dr. Xavier Corbella, Director of the HUB and the Southern Metropolitan Area of the ICS, assesses an initiative of collaboration between management and clinical management that has reduced hospital stays and therefore the admission waiting time of patients from  emergency.

Ten years later, and through the implementation of healthcare units that responded to the criteria of Major Ambulatory Medicine, only 10% of patients entering the emergency department of the hospital are finally admitted, which has significantly reduced the average hospital stay, and the center has reached a satisfactory level of quality, measured in terms of stay, mortality, complications and readmissions.

2012 April

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