Last 21st of May, Dr. Susana Jiménez Murcia, responsible for the Unit of Pathological Gambling from the Psychiatry Department of the Bellvitge University Hospital, appeared before the Joint Committee for the Study of Drugs at the Spanish Parliament. On demand of this Parliament, she talked about her vision of the problems generated by gambling addiction and other social addictions in our society. She explained how these problems are addressed in specialised centres like Bellvitge University Hospital. She appeared before the Senate, in the frame of the Congress for the study of future prospects in the approach of current and new legal and ilegal addictions.

Besides, last 7th of June, some members of the Audiovisual Council of Catalonia (CAC) visited the Bellvitge University Hospital. They were also interested to know the task that is being carried out at the Unit of Pathological Gambling, especially regarding study and treatment of addictions to social networks and to new technologies. They were received by the General Manager of our hospital, Dr. Alfredo García, and the head of the Psychiatry Department, Dr. Josep Manuel Menchón, accompanied by the professionals responsible for this healthcare area.

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