The President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, José Montilla, accompanied by the Minister of Health, Marina Geli, opened last September 6th in Hospital Viladecans,  the new operating rooms and a new a short-stay hospital unit.

The President of the Generalitat launches three new operating rooms and the new short stay unit of the Hospital Viladecans

The new operating rooms have 1470.98 m2 to their disposal and are divided into two distinct spaces: the surgical building and short-stay hospital unit.  The surgical building, has a healthcare area, with three new operating rooms, a resuscitation room and space for pre and post surgery sterilization, patients´ area, changing rooms, reception, toilets and information room  for family members.
The budget that will enable the functioning of these new facilities has been made possible due to three factors: 1 million euro destined to renovate two  operating rooms of the old Viladecans Hospital; 1 million in recruiting staff (20 professionals) and approximately half a million for providing goods and services (pharmacy, prosthesis, cleaning, etc..), the budgetary effort was done by the Southern Metropolitan Regional Management Area, and by the management of Viladecans Hospital.

The use of these three operating rooms will start the update of the remaining operating rooms. It is worth to mention  that Bellvitge and  Viladecans hospitals are creating a networking to achieve a healthcare synergy in the area of the Delta Llobregat.

Due to the increased surgical capacity with the new facilities it is expected to make over a thousand surgeries a year. Mainly priority diseases such as cataracts, inguinal hernia, hip and knee arthroscopy, bunion, tonsillectomy or hysterectomies among others.

The new hospital unit has 18 beds, divided into double rooms with bath, nursing surveillance , waiting room for family and a support area for professionals (storage, working rooms, cleaning …).

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