The Patient´s Classroom, a health education initiative addressed to patients and their caregivers

It began with a classroom dedicated to acute phases in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

The Bellvitge University Hospital has launched the Patient Room a space for health education to the community that will develop information and training activities aimed at patients and their caregivers.

The first event in the framework of the Patient´s classroom was the talk that took place on March 21 in the auditorium of the hospital under the title exacerbations in IPF. What we do What does it mean? How to treat it?

The main issues that were dealt with were patient education to identify when it may have a worsening and what to do, the determination of a number of diagnostic and therapeutic parameters, standard form to be taken by this type of pathology, and the action protocol before a patient arrives at an emergency for the worsening their lung disease.

You can access the website of the Patient´s Classroom of IPF :

You can access the videos of the Patient´s Classroom of IPF:

2013 May

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