The new facilities of the Laboratory of General Histology of the Pathology Service, launched this July, has improved the working conditions of professionals and provided speed to the  diagnosis  response

The works took place between the months of May and June. Larger spaces have been created, more than 100 m2, partly renovated the equipment and the furniture, enabled a space for the machines and equipment that can generate gases far from the staff workspace, improving the safety and health conditions. There are also improvements in air conditioning, gas extraction, and temperature.

The new Laboratory of General Histology of the Pathology Service allows to speed the diagnostic respond

In recent years the activity in this area has grown tremendously. It is the most important laboratory of the Pathology Service, it is intended for processing initial or basic samples of tissue (biopsy) for histological preparations. These preparations are those that, observed under the microscope, allow pathologists to diagnose and determine the prognosis of patients. It processes more than 110,000 paraffin blocks each year (corresponding to biopsies of 32,000 patients), as well as special histochemical techniques. There are currently 10 people working in morning and afternoon shifts.

It is a nuclear work area not only for the Service, but for the entire hospital that relies on its work to speed the diagnosis and determine the therapeutic procedures.

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