The Quality Agency of the Ministry of Health and Social Policy requested last June our hospital a copy of the book Supervision  protocol and responsibility level of the resident physicians during the Continuing Care, sponsored by the Teaching Commission of the HUB. After being evaluated, has been regarded as a document of best practice.

For this reason, it has been uploaded to the intranet of the Ministry and is available to all audit team leaders and representatives of the autonomous communities as a model to follow.

The Ministry of Health promotes the Protocol as a model of supervision and responsibility of the residents of the HUB

It is an effort that has finally been recognized statewide and, therefore, we must thank the collaboration of all authors.

This protocol was submitted on December 15th by the medical director of the HUB, Dr. Alberto Salazar, and the Director of Studies and Medical Education Coordinator, Dr. Rosa Villalonga. This new tool is intended to continue improving the quality of teaching: obtaining highly qualified specialists while providing excellence in patient care.

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