The Management of the Hospital presented its staff with the results of 2012

On 4 March, was held in the auditorium the presentation of results by Dr. Alfredo Garcia, Managing Director, Dr. Carlos Bartolomé, medical director (see presentation), Mrs. Antonia Casado, nurse Director (see presentation), and Dra. Ortiga Berta, deputy manager (see presentation).

The budget allocation for 2012 was 2.4% lower than last year, which added to the already experienced reduction of 9% in 2011. The year closed with expenses of 292.3 million euros and revenues of 305 (coverage ratio of 104.34%).

Throughout the year were implemented specific plans to improve the waiting list for cardiac surgery, neurosurgery and liver metastases. In addition, in the last quarter was implemented a plan of action and surgical tests, consisting mainly in enhancing the activity in the afternoon in oncological surgery and other procedures.

One of the major achievements of the year was the launch of a new room of hemodynamics, which has consolidated the application of the stroke code. It should also be mentioned the creation of the UCI School, remodeling the lobby of the Old School of Nursing in collaboration with the University of Barcelona, ​​and the implementation of a clinical skills lab.

Another highlight was the introduction on December 15 of the  of the Structured Nursing sorting in the Emergency Department with a central role of the professional nurse. It was  also reopened the unit 5.3, for liver surgery and trauma, and the four intermediate care beds, of intensive care (Mici).

At regional level, progress continued on the integration of the healthcare services of hospitals Bellvitge and Viladecans and continued the development of the Delta project, particularly with regard to the integration of complex chronic patient care. It was also organized the event share experiences, share knowledge, and strategic alliances were established with vendors for various services.

Note the implementation of the Strategic Plan 2013-2020.

2013 March

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