With its implementation, this October,  in  Bellvitge University Hospital the company Logaritme  logistic services has completed its implementation in all hospitals and primary healthcare centers of the Catalan Institute of Health.

the logistics company logaritme has completed its presence in all the center of the ICS.

Logaritme is a service provider of logistics, warehousing, distribution and supply of equipment. It is an nonprofit economic interest group, founded by the Catalan Institute of Health, the Blood and Tissue Bank and the Health Consortium Agents of Castelldefels (CASAP).

In March 2006, the ICS  commissioned the company the service management of all its centers. Since then, different hospitals and primary healthcare centers of the ICS have been incorporating its services.

The reason to implement this projects is that it allows management to harmonize global logistics for the entire institution and take advantage of economies of scale, achieve a reduction of stock both global and peripheral and reduce expenses. At the same time, it gives a boost to the quality and modernity of the service given so far. The decision purchase though, is still kept by the Hub through the implementation of public bids.

For Bellvitge University Hospital and for Logaritme, this change has required a year of preparation  to be able to close most of logistics and distribution activities that were done by personnel of the Hospital, to train our professionals, to organize the internal processes of storage and distribution to acquire 200 cabinets, adapt 70 peripheral storage rooms and install modern systems such as radiofrequency panels that automatically inform of the status of the stock.

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