The Plastic Surgery Department of Bellvitge University Hospital has done, for the first time, a partial breast reconstruction using dorsi muscle via endoscopy. This intervention, pioneer in Spain and only performed so far by 3 other groups worldwide, represents a new and better surgical option in immediate breast reconstruction.

The Hub was the first hospital in Spain and fourth in the world to perform a partial breast reconstruction through endoscopy

Since October, Bellvitge University Hospital has conducted the first three interventions of this type, with promising results. Interventions were made by Dr. Joaquin Muñoz, Dr.Josep Maria Serra and Dr. Anna Lopez Ojeda, a plastic surgery team led by Dr. Joan Maria Vinyals.

The technique involves removal of the dorsi muscle and its placement for the filling of the breast in a single surgical time. The muscle is removed by small incisions of less than five centimeters in the back. The endoscopic approach, almost unheard until now in the surgery of breast cancer, allows to minimize the scars that are barely visible in the armpit and the back and has a better recovery.

This operation recovers the volume and shape of the breast removed, preventing the use of prosthetic material. The fact of not having to use prosthesis avoids later complications in case of having to make additional radiotherapy or other treatments for breast cancer.

This new surgical option in immediate breast reconstruction is particularly suitable for patients with small or medium sized breasts and in need of a partial a breast removal. This will avoid the after-effects of a partial amputation and in certain cases, avoid mastectomy in patients with small breasts.

Founded in early 1990, the Breast Cancer Functional Unit of Bellvitge University Hospital and the Catalan Institute of Oncology is the oldest of the state, and with more patients in Catalonia, 1000 first visits per year. It is composed  by gynecologists, plastic surgeons, radiologists, anatomy pathologist, medical oncologists, radiotherapy oncologists, nurses and psycho-oncologist, all specialized in breast pathology. This multidisciplinary approach, with joint decision making, helps shorten the diagnostic and therapeutic ranges improving clinical results.

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