Bellvitge University Hospital has completely refurbished the Unit 9-3  to create a space for complex neurological comprehensive care to patients.

This new meeting space is characterized by uniting different medical specialties -neurology, neurosurgery and neurophysiology- and by  implementing a model of nursing care based on nurse specialist.

The Hub redesigned completely the Unit 9-3 to create a comprehensive neurological care to patients of high complexity

Includes 2 extra beds to register epilepsy video-electroencephalogram, a critical area for postsurgical patients, with 5 beds, an area of neurovascular pathology for stroke critical patients with 5 beds and a room for recording the pressure of the cephalorachidian fluid. The unit is complete with 10 conventional hospital beds that will also accommodating patients with certain complexities, one of which is specially prepared for patients with head injury.

This is the first time in our hospital, and one of the first in Catalonia and Spain, which creates a comprehensive patient neurocritical care area gathering various specialties.

Among the medical equipment installed there is a monitoring system that allows monitoring and recording of the epileptic patient’s brain activity during twenty-four hours a day.
These works are a continuation of the refurbishment carried out last summer with the same criteria, Unit 9-2, also dedicated to the Nervous System Area, as well as the refurbishment two summers ago of the Unit 7 – 1 for the opening of the Acute Geriatric Unit (UGA). 

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