Bellvitge University Hospital organized on October 22th the Second Conference of Surgical Nursing on electric scalpel and its variants. The motto was “ knowing technology, improving care”, was organized by Roser Capdevila, Carmen Martinez Cuadros, Marta Pagès, Piedad Ruiz and Assumpta Ruiz.

The HUB is organizing the Second Conference of Surgical Nursing

Being the operating rooms a very familiar setting, the electric scalpel has not always received the attention it deserves, although in recent years has undergone many changes to adapt to new technologies and to the specific needs arising from innovation.

Luis Perez, an electro-medicine technician, opened the meeting  with the conference “Something to discover, Do we know all about electric scalpel?”. Then a round table focused on specific treatments and issues such as return electrodes, pediatric care in the use of ligasure, preparing a severe burn surgery, new systems of coagulation in liver surgery and transplantation, the harmonic scalpel in general thyroid surgery and handling of argon in gynecology.

The second and final table was focused on the booming technology of laser and they talked about precautions and preventions of the use of equipment and applications in pediatric dermatology, prostate surgery, otorhinolaryngology, oftalmolgy , thoracic surgery and vascular surgery.

The meeting served to connect  the experts and to share the experience based on scientific knowledge in order to improve the care that nurses provide in their daily surgical practice.

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