This September Bellvitge University Hospital hosted two courses on thyroid cancer.
From September 19th to 21st took place the X Workshop on advanced thyroid cancer, organized by the Endocrine Surgery Unit of the General and Digestive Surgery Service of our center and the Ethicon Endo-Surgery.
This workshop, aimed at professionals involved in endocrine surgery units or interested in this area, has included attending real treatment sessions. They have dealt with issues such as the surgical anatomy of the neck, the use and predictive value of Intact PTH; preoperative staging, the indications, technical aspects and types of draining, the current tracking of this cancer, treatment options in case of recurrence, and laryngeal nerve surgery.

The HUB houses two courses on thyroid cancer

Moreover, from September 26th to 30th the Hospital has welcomed the I Specialization Course in differentiated thyroid cancer, organized by the group of thyroid cancer of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (coordinated by Dr. José Manuel Gomez and Dr Anna Lucas) and the endocrine surgery section of the Spanish Association of Surgeons (coordinated by Dr.. Pablo Moreno), and the collaboration of Genzyme.
It was a theoretical and practical course with case studies, videos and practice with ultrasound, cytology and pathology that will be repeated annually in different locations.
Thyroid cancer has an excellent prognosis in most cases, but there is a subgroup of poor evolution in which different types of treatment fail. In recent years, the systematic use of ultrasound in the staging and the introduction of new technologies has made surgery and lymph node draining more efficient and with lower complication rate.

October 2011

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