The HUB hosts the VI Specialized Training Day of the ICS and the XIV Day of the Teaching Commissions Network of Catalonia

On September 28, the Bellvitge University Hospital (HUB) hosted the Sixth Conference of the ICS and the XIV Day of the Teaching Commissions Network of Catalonia (XCDC), which had 200 participants of all over Catalonia.

Some of the attendees were directors of studies, tutors, health technicians, residents and professionals linked to specialist healthcare training (ESF) from schools of all over Catalonia, their goal was to unify and improve the quality of training.

The conference was opened by Dr. Francesc Sancho, Secretary for Strategy and Coordination of  Department of Health, Dr. Joan Viñas, president of the Board of Directors of the ICS. and Dr. Alfredo Garcia, managing director of the HUB and the Southern Metropolitan Area (GTMS).

You can see a collection of photos of the event here.

The topics of interest this year were different learning methodologies that can be developed and assess the current situation of the FSE regarding the multiprofessional (UDM)  and core teaching  units.

In the first panel, different experiences were presented regarding the implementation of an on-line portfolio, in which the Family and Community Service units have extensive, and the learning based on problem solving. The second panel focused on the progressive development of the UDM, recently introduced, showing the current status of the various units that exist in our country and the future of the core classes and their challenges. The communication session ended with different teaching experiences and research projects done by the different Units.

The presentation of the findings and the closing of the conference was done by Dr. Antonia Sans, president of the XCDC and Dr. Rosa Villalonga , chairman of the Teaching Commission and head of studies at the HUB.

2012 October

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