On October 7th, Bellvitge University Hospital opened the exhibition “Give voice to type 2 diabetes”, sponsored by the pharmaceutical company Novartis in collaboration with the Spanish Society of Diabetes, the Spanish Diabetes Federation and Bellvitge University Hospital.

The HUB hosts for the first time in Spain, an interactive exhibition for awareness and prevention of type 2 diabetes

The exhibition was opened by the mayor of Hospitalet de Llobregat, Mrs. Nuria Marín, and by Dr. Xavier Corbella, managing director of the HUB; Dr. Juan Soler, head of endocrinology of the HUB; Mrs. Gemma Peralta, scientific coordinator of the exhibition and member of the Study Group of the Spanish Society of Therapeutic Education for Diabetes, and Dr. Xavier Puig, Director of the Medical Department of Novartis.  The event was attended by many of our managers and professionals, healthcare users, representatives of organizations and institutions, and the media.
It is an interactive show that is presented for the first time in Spain, the goal is to inform the population about this disease, generate public awareness of the value of making  responsible decision in the managing their own health and to contribute to the sustainability of the health system.

The show is based on a large reproduction of a pancreas, the organ is essential in the development of diabetes. The visitor enters this reproduction, and inside information is provided by multimedia projections about the functioning of the body, how it deteriorates and eventually how to prevent the disease when it occurs and what treatments do exist.
Within this exhibition, on  October 14th there was a cooking workshop on diabetes and nutrition, with the chef Ada Parellada and Patricia Duran, dietitian of the HUB, and on October 21th the documentary The American Dream that dealt with the day by day of the disease was projected a round table followed.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common and least diagnosed , since it is estimated that 40% of people who suffer from it are unaware of his fact. In Catalonia, recent studies indicate that between 400,000 and 700,000 people suffer from it.

Such initiatives help place the hospital as an educational  environment by providing and promoting prevention.

The exhibition will be placed in the lobby of the HUB Outpatient clinic for three weeks and then will travel to other hospitals in Spain.

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