The HUB has registered a remarkable increase in organ removal and transplants in 2011

The University Hospital of Bellvitge has achieved, in 2011, a remarkable growth of both the procurement and transplants of organs. It was the only large hospital with a donation rate of over 45 donors per million inhabitants, an increase of over 30% of all transplant programs.

In 2011, were practiced in our center 129 kidney, 59 liver and 19 heart transplants, numbers that place the Hub in the first in heart transplantation and the second in kidney and liver transplantation in Catalonia.

Regarding the removal of organs, in 2011 generated a record of 142 organs (82 kidneys, 44 livers, 10 hearts, 4 lungs, and 2pancreas), much higher than any other hospital in Catalonia . The key to this success is the result of the work of all professionals in our center and their ability to obtain valid donors from  increasingly advanced ages.

Some of the initiatives that allowed an increase in efficiency have been the introduction of the technique of pulsatile preservation of kidneys  from elderly donor, the optimization of  elderly liver donors which allows, in our center, the transplantation of livers from donors of over 80 years, implementing a routine for the first time in Spain, of the mass spectrometry and the comprehensive treatment of heart failure.

These good results are inserted in a context of a very positive transplant balance in Catalonia and Spain in 2011.

It should be noted that despite the high cost of these interventions, their impact on health and years of life is very important and, in many cases also has a good ratio of cost-efficiency. The 129 kidney transplants performed at the Hub in 2011 meant a saving of € 442 000 compared with the cost that would mean to maintain these patients on hemodialysis.

In addition, Dr. Montserrat Peter, director of the Catalan Transplant Organization, visited on  January 20th the HUB, to see firsthand the functioning of the transplant activity at our center. She was greeted by DR. Alberto Salazar, medical director of the HUB, accompanied by Dr. Salvador Gil Vernet, Director of Transplantation, Dr. Eva Oliver, Transplant Coordinator, and other officials of the different units and transplant services.

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