On  January 2nd 2011, Bellvitge University Hospital has started to adapt to the  new policy set on  December 30th 2010, which forbids smoking in the hospital or outdoor surrounding areas

All out door smoking areas have been dismantled, at the entrance to the hospital facilities signs were placed warning users that they are entering a free smoking area
The actions to reinforce the signs  around the hospital premises will be completed in the upcoming days.

The Hub has launched the new policy banning smoking in all hospital premises

The professionals of the Hospital have been informed of the change via e-mail, corporate intranet and internal Tv channels. Security and surveillance personnel have been actively involved in informing the staff and especially the users. Areas such as courtyards, emergency exits, locker rooms in  operating rooms, basements and offices were also inspected.

These measures were taken following the recommendations of the Committee for Tobacco Control of the HUB, which members are smoking prevention specialist and representatives from the Department of General Services, Nursing, Safety, Customer service, Corporate Image and Protocol.

Bearing in mind the extension of our premises the compliance with policy is very good from both staff and users- undoubtedly, the wide media coverage that the new policy has had has contributed to this.

The hospital has already begun to use all the resources at its disposal in cases of professionals not complying with the law. We consider that the attitude of hospital professionals must be exemplary in such matter because it is directly linked to  health promotion as well as fire prevention.

The Hub has been a pioneer center for the treatment for smoking and the implementation of smoke-free spaces. This is why we were the first Spanish hospital to be accepted by the Network of Hospitals for Health Advocacy of the WHO, and we also achieved the bronze certification from the Catalan Network of Smoke Free Hospitals.

The Hub Unit  for smoking treatments, which responsible is Dr. Josep M. Ramon is a reference in Catalonia and treats every  year between 475 and 525 smokers, with a high success rate

Tabaquisme.cat has also created the first Web 2.0 in Catalonia to help quit smoking, a place that provides information on the Unit and on projects of training and research as well as all kinds of activities, in addition, includes a blog that  is channel for debate and interaction with citizens.

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