Bellvitge University Hospital recently published the Protocol of stuffed temporary percutaneous tracheostomy (TTPD), which describes, in a multimedia format, the Toracotraq method developed in the units of critical patients in the Hub since 2003.

The HUB has exceeded 1100 percutaneous tracheostomy with its own method with excellent results

It has been prepared by Dr. Antonio Mateu, with the collaboration of all Intensive Care Medicine Service of the HUB, and published by the Department of Communication and Broadcasting.

Percutaneous tracheostomy simplifies surgical tracheostomy and it is directed at patients of the intensive care environment. The early trials were in 1997 and began applying it in 1999 using the method of Griggs, which was considered as the best available at the time. However, in 2003 the HUB started its own method, Toracotraq, which improves the performance of the above. This year, the Hub has exceed 1100 TTPD with this method with excellent results.

This new protocol updates this technique and introduces modifications, such as ultrasound scanning prior to pretraqueal intervention, which aims to reduce to zero the accidents in blind hemorrhagic technique.

The characteristics of this technique and method have allowed to bring it to all the services of critical patients and also do tracheostomy in situ, without touching the patient´s position, in the case of traumatic brain injury patients.

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