In recent months, Bellvitge University Hospital has concluded the regional coordination of its portfolio of services and assistance flow with the Hospital of Sant Boi and the Hospital of Igualada. Previous agreements were already done with the Hospital of Sant Joan Despi Moses Broggi and Viladecans Hospital.

The Hub has continued to coordinate its portfolio of regional services with agreements with the hospitals of Igualada and Sant Boi

This is an initiative of the Medical Direction of the HUB to ensure a more coordinated and effective service to the population of our territory and strengthen the performance of the HUB as a tertiary center.

The meeting with the Hospital de Sant Boi was attendedby  Dr. Carlos Moya, medical director of this center, and Dr.Alberto Salazar, medical director of the HUB as well as the chiefs from each one of the specialties to be coordinated.  They analyzed primarily tertiary processes in the areas of urology, orthopedic surgery and traumatology, vascular surgery, respiratory diseases, neurology, heart disease, general surgery, gastrointestinal diseases, and otolaryngology.

Regarding the Hospital Igualada, the agreements were led by Dr. Jose Ballester, director of this healthcare center  and Dr. Salazar with the heads of each of the services involved.  These agreements with the Hospital of Igualada were mainly addressed to the areas of heart disease, neurology, gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases.

The general framework of the agreements generates 1- a commitment of the HUB to take care of all higher complexity activity and 2- each hospital will be assuming the portfolio for their population of reference. This general criteria is based on a list of procedures assigned to each center based on an analysis of the daily practice of the healthcare process.

In addition to these agreements reached with the nearby hospitals the HUB is also finalizing agreements with the centers of the health regions of Tarragona and Terres de l’Ebre, where the HUB is the center of reference for high complexity cases.

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