The hospital organizes the Fourth Course of Breast Cancer Surgery

On March 7th, 8th, 9th 2012, our hospital held the IV Course of Breast Cancer Surgery, this year dedicated to the minimal surgical morbidity of risk-adjusted cancer.

During these days, there were examples of the latest surgical techniques applied to breast cancer, showing the trend of recent years to reduce the morbidity resulting from the surgery itself. Thus, several techniques could be seen such as oncoplastic and oncologic breast reduction, various types of pendants with laparoscopic approach and perforator flaps as Tdap (thoracodorsal artery perforator) and techniques such as lipofilling (reconstruction through the patient’s own fat ). These pendants aim to reduce aesthetic morbidity with a correct treatment of the oncologic disease.

To see a collection of the course´s photographies, click here.

Moreover, to reduce functional morbidity of the operated arm, new directions were discussed such as axillary lymphadenectomy and sentinel lymph node with an attempt to reduce second surgeries and lymphoedema that sometimes arises. Within the course, were  also developed a lymph node surgery to treat this problem that gives so many troubles to patients who suffer from it.

In the afternoon, different round tables spoke about surgical margins in conservative surgery and the new genetic platforms that will allow to adjust even better the risk of cancer and develop a customized treatment to each patient.

Finally, in an attempt to unite healthcare and research, there was a round table that drafted the research lines on breast cancer developed in our hospital within the scope of IDIBELL, and a lecture by Dr. On Esteller on Epigenetics and breast cancer.

2012 April

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