Under the framework of Project Argos development act, on December 15th, began the implementation process of Gazelle Nursing Care workstation at Bellvitge University Hospital.

The project -in which development and validation our professionals have been actively involved in- aims to completely remove the medical history on paper and be an instrument of quality and safety assurance in the planning of treatments and their standards. It also aims to integrate in quantity and quality the clinical information generated by nurses. This means the unification in a single computing environment  of  nursing and medical data, tests and pharmacy, allowing professionals to work on a network that reaches beyond the hospital.

The hospital began to implement the Gazelle Nursing Care workstation in Hospitalization

As part of Project Argus, the directions of Nursing and Information Systems, with the support from the Direction of Project Argus, is coordinating this implementation by involving units and services such as IT, Continuing Education, Personnel, Admissions Pharmacy, Economical direction and healthcare units.

The implementation has started in two units of the Department of Respiratory Diseases, where a pilot program for prescribing and dispensing  Silicon drugs was already scheduled. The set up in all areas of hospitalization will be progressively done throughout the first half of 2011.

Ms. Eulàlia Juvé, coordinator of ICS Hospitals and Director of the project, the nursing director Ms.  Marisa Ridao, and specialists from the company Oesia have informed of the launch of the program to area managers, supervisors and clinical nurses in our hospital at a meeting held on  November 24th.

At this meeting, Ms. Cristina Matud, Supervisor  of the Ares Group, and Ms. Gemma Martinez, head of the Training Unit, explained the implementation schedule of the training activities.

This training program includes the training of designated nurses that will work on healthcare units  during the implementation and stabilization period, as well as the training of end users: nurses and the assistants of the hospitalization units.

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