The Functional Gynecologic-Oncology Unit, with professionals of the University Hospital of Bellvitge (HUB) and the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO), has produced the first edition of the Protocol on the multidisciplinary treatment of cancer of vulva

This is a disease that affects annually two of every 100,000 women. The document defines the process of Diagnosis, Staging, treatment and long-term monitoring.

The Functional Gynecologic-Oncology Unit published a protocol on the multidisciplinary treatment of cancer of vulva

The aim of the publication is to apply the same therapeutic strategy in patients with cancer of vulva arriving through the ICO, the Hub or the regional healthcare network.

The preparation and coordination of the protocol has been done by Dr.Susana Marin, Coordinator of the Functional Gynecologic-Oncology Unit.

Also contributed to the drafting of the document a committee composed by Dr. August Vidal (Pathology Service), Dr. Ana Sanchez (Institute of Diagnostic Imaging), Dr. Lola Martin Cardona (Gynecology), Dr. Marco Barahona (Gynecology), Dr. Bea Pardo (Medical Oncology), Dr. Miguel Gil (Medical Oncology) and Mrs. Cinta Bellobí, nurse case manager.

May 2011

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