For the third year, the Direction of Bellvitge University Hospital presented on  December 17th, at an open event, the main actions and results of the year

The session was opened by Mr. Carlos de la Fuente, HR Director, who reported on the evolution of salaries, staff, careers, labor relations, organization of working schedule, training, improving quality of employment and risk prevention.

The Director of the HUB presents the activities and results of 2010

The Director of Nursing, Ms. Marisa Ridao, presented the main actions and results in: nursing , practitioners, patients, the healthcare organization, quality and safety. She also explained the two projects in progress: analysis of the impact of the European Higher Education in the Southern Metropolitan Regional Management area, and the analysis of the implementation of the new organizational model of the of Nursing direction.

The medical director, Dr. Alberto Salazar explained briefly several accomplishments in the areas of hospital care, surgical care and outpatient clinic attention. He highlighted some particular aspects such as the results of the heart attack code and the stroke code in our center, functional neurology, robotic surgery, and the good result of the TOP 20, for which he congratulated all professionals. He also spoke of the strategic objectives and major projects in 2011.

The second half of the meeting was introduced by Mr. José Luis Nin, Management Director, who presented the figures of expenses and incomes, budget allocation and results. He also reported on the process of transferring the logistics and distribution services to Logaritme, and the prospects of the 2011budget.

The Director of General Services and Projects, Dr.Guillermo Bardají, reported on the main works during the year, including the refurbishing of the 9th floor (Area of the Nervous System) and the Anatomy Pathology Service, the renewal of storage rooms in the different floors , the changes in floors 13th and 15th, adapting them to the new Dementia Unit, construction of the Biobank facilities, the replacement of the main entrance, improvements in accessibility and safety of roads and replacement of pipes.

Finally, the managing director, Dr. Xavier Corbella, spoke of the importance that has had this year the implementation of the new computer system for healthcare SAP and the renewal and expansion of the equipment in the laundry room , which has begun to serve other centers in the region. He also emphasized the essential role that has had the territorial organization in facing the economic crisis.
As important points of the present and the future of the hospital’s management, he highlighted the economic stability, the regional vision of the budget, transparency in the results, a closer alliance with other providers of healthcare centers in the area, especially Hospital Viladecans, and self-management . He also stressed the need to assume new roles by patients (co-responsibility with their own health and therefore the sustainability of the system), by healthcare professionals (higher clinical leadership) and by managers (higher professionalization).

He concluded that Bellvitge University Hospital is currently well positioned and that the Southern metropolitan area is an established reality in which the various institutions work in harmony. He highlighted the success of the hospital and the fact that it’s the center of the ICS with more activity of high cost and the fastest growing. And all this while maintaining a very high quality which was awarded with the TOP 20.

He ended by emphasizing that the future of the Hospital is linked to the Biopol and to the University of Barcelona Health Campus which was appointed this year as a campus of international excellence.

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