La detecció de problemes amb el consum abusiu d’alcohol durant l’ingrés és fonamental per canviar la conducta i millorar el pronòstic

Detection of diseases and problems related to alcohol consumption among patients whose stay in hospital is not directly related to alcohol consumption is a valuable action, at a hospital level, against alcohol abuse. Bellvitge University Hospital has been a pioneer in Spain in this practice, with the support of the Assistant Director of  the “Drug Abuse Department” from Catalonia’s Public Health Agency, Dr Joan Colom.

With this purpose, a team made up of Dr. Beatriz Rosón, from the Internal Medicine Department, Dr. Rosa Hernández, from the Psychiatry Department, and the nurse Ana Martínez, keep a permanent contact with the departments that assist more patients with alcohol-related problems (Internal Medicine, Psychiatry , Digestive System, Otorhinolaryngology, Thoracic Surgery and the Unit of Pancreas at the General and Digestive Surgery). They carry out hospital inter-consultations for all the departments that require them. This team assessed 1,400 patients last year, 571 cases of which reached a diagnosis of patterns of alcohol consumption in different degrees.

“Our activity consists of making a diagnosis of the process of alcohol consumption and of its association or relationship with the disease, and of intervening in a motivational way, in order to get the patient to realise that if he changes his behaviour, this will improve his prognosis”, explains Dr. Rosón.

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