On  November 11th took place the first workshop-course on echocardiographic tools in three dimensions organized by the Cardiac Imaging Cardiology Service of the HUB and the Imaging Section of the Spanish Society of Cardiology, sponsored by Toshiba Medical Systems.

Twelve experts from different centers of the state participated in this course in advanced echocardiography.

The Cardiac Imaging Unit of the HUB organized the first workshop-course on echocardio-graphics tools in three dimensions

The first part of the course focused on theoretical and technological study of echocardiographic of the ventricular function using three-dimensional deformation tools, as well as the preliminary clinical experience with this innovative technology.

The rest of the day was dedicated to conducting in vivo echocardiography with three-dimensional technology, to critical analysis of their off-line applications for the study of the ventricular function in different types of pathologies, and to the analysis of the concordance with the histopathological findings from other cardiac imaging techniques, such as cardio-resonance.

This activity is accredited by the Spanish Society of Cardiology and is expected to continue developing in future editions at Bellvitge University Hospital.

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