The Archives of the Bellvitge University Hospital is a unit  with 40 workers in two shifts, morning and afternoon , dealing with the care of the clinical records of the Hospital. The head of the unit is Mrs. Ana Ridao.  They are currently facing the challenge of transferring all  physical archive into digital files.

The Archives of the University Hospital of Bellvitge faces a digitalizing challenge

The main structure to process the activities is by:- the information requested by patients or institutions (courts, insurance…);-the  review of  errors or duplicates in the Patients  File Index , – the management of the documentation that comes in paper format -and finally by the daily circuit of extraction, distribution and return of medical records.

The goal of the HUB  Archive is to develop a more organized and updated unit more appropriate to the current times, where digital media is increasingly necessary for a fast and efficient service.

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