Simple Transplants maintain the survival and increase the number of end receivers

The number of transplants between donors and recipients of more than 60 years could be higher without having to increase the number of donors. This increase would be the direct consequence of making more simple transplants than double because many of the kidneys matched are only considered useful (Dual Kidney Transplantation), it could also be individually (Single Kidney Transplantation).

The research results were published in the American Journal of Transplantation under the title “Long-term results of biopsy-guided selection and allocation of kidney from older donors in older recipients,” whose authors are doctors L. Fernandez Lorente, L. Riera, O. Bestard, M. Carrera, M. Goma, N. Porta, J. Torras, E. Melilli, S. Gil-Vernet, J.M. Grinyó and J.M. Cruzado.

To view the abstract of this article, click here.

2013 May

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