In 2010, 29 resident physicians of our Hospital have made external rotation in leading centers of Europe, North America and Australia to broaden their knowledge in certain specific techniques or specific complementary studies.

The stays have been in prestigious European institutions in Paris and Bordeaux(France),Liege and Dendermonde (Belgium), London (United Kingdom), Rome (Italy), Berlin and Bad Krozingen(Germany)

Residents of the HUB have made in 2010, 29 trips abroad for residencies in prestigious hospitals

Outside Europe, the stays have been in New York, Charleston, Washington, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston, Boston and Phoenix (United States), Toronto and Montreal (Canada) and Sydney (Australia).

The external training is granted when the program requires learning techniques that are not carried out in the center and are considered necessary or complementary. Usually these stays are carried out during the last eighteen months of the residency.

May 2011

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