The hospital received the visit of Mr. Peter L. Wehrly, president of Covidien Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions; Mr. James E. Willett, vice president and general manager for the Ventilation & Airways Division, Mr. Roland Pfleger, vice president and general manager, and Mr. Xavier Buxareu, vice president of sales and marketing of Airways Ventilationin Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).
They were greeted by Dr. Xavier Corbella, managing director, Dr. Alberto Salazar, medical director, Dr. Máñez Raphael, Head of Intensive Care Medicine; Mr. Emila Pola, CEO of IDIBELL, and Dr. Gabriel Capella, scientific director of IDIBELL.

On 15 December, Bellvitge University Hospital received the visit of the worldwide heads of the U.S. multinational Covidien Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions

Covidien is one of the most important manufacturers and distributors of medical devices in the world, also well know for the innovation in the line of respiratory care devices, monitoring and mechanical ventilation.

The visit was a first step towards and alliance amongst HUB, IDIBELL and COVIDIEN, that will focus on further improvements on quality healthcare and research in our center that will benefit our patients by giving them state of the art solutions to their healthcare needs.

Both  parts exchanged information on the structure and potential of their respective institutions. The company’s representatives also visited the  works on the new hospital, the building that will house the Intensive Care UNIT, as well as the new surgery room area with  31 operating rooms will be equipped with the latest technology.
Other ways of collaboration spoken about were research and teaching. Covidien is already offering a multicenter study on a new ventilation technique, known as proportional assisted ventilation, where the Intensive Care Service of Bellvitge University Hospital of is a part of.

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