Nova tècnica per a la predicció del risc de rebuig en el trasplantament renal

The Kidney Transplant Unit at the Nephrology Department has developed a new technique that allows predicting graft acute cellular rejection risk and human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection risk after kidney transplant.

These contributions are reflected in three articles published recently in north-american American Journal of Transplantation and Kidney International. These articles show the practicality of the IFN – gamma ELISPOT technique in monitoring accurately the cellullar immunological response in the presence of donor antigens, in getting to know the donor-specific alloreactivity degree and in predicting the rejection risk after kidney transplant.

This tool improves in a significant way the immunological monitoring measures that are currently being used in the kidney transplant field, and its use can be extendes to other types of solid organ transplant.

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