The Functional Breast Unit (UFM) has completed the final updating phase of the protocol for breast cancer treatment and is available in the intranet of Bellvitge University Hospital and the Catalan Institute of Oncology.

New edition of the Protocol of breast cancer treatment of the Breast Functional Unit (UFM)

This time the updating focused on the content and format of the Protocol. Some of these changes include: innovative aspects in imaging  diagnostic , new indications for sentinel lymph node and surgical techniques, conceptual changes in the choice of primary treatment, several histological studies of diagnostic and prognostic factors, and current patterns of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

All these aspects summarize the new advances in diagnosis and treatment that have scientific evidence and that seek better results in terms of increasing survival and reducing morbidity resulting from treatments for patients with breast cancer.

The new format makes it easier to read and review.

Setember 2011

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