The number of optimum heart donors has fallen in recent years, mainly due to a dicrease in traffic accidents rate. Some years ago, most hearts for transplantation came from traffic accident victims. Nowadays only 13,6% of transplanted hearts in Spain come from this source.

Bellvitge University Hospital is a national reference point in the use of such devices. More than 100 mechanical devices  have been implantes at this hospital as a bridge to transplantation. It has also been one of the first few hospitals to implant two long lasting ventricular assist devices (“Incor” model).

Bellvitge University Hospital is one of the four hospitals that conduct heart transplantation in Catalonia. From 1991 to 2013 357 surgeries of this kind were conducted here. 80% of transplanted patients survive for a year after surgery, 74% for five years and 55% for ten years. The survival time of all these patients would have been a few months without this surgery. 40% of heart transplanted patients at Bellvitge University Hospital were emergency surgeries last year. This means that surgery was prioritised due to patients’ fast deterioration, and it took place after an average of 15 days. Non-emergency transplantation took place after an average wait time of 120 days.

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