The Safety Committee of the HUB presented during the month of May the new notification and Learning system for Patient´s Safety (SiNASP), which is being implemented in our hospital during these months. The presentation was  conducted in four general sessions which were attended by around 400 healthcare professionals of HUB and representatives of the Blood Bank.

Implemented the new system of notification and Learning for Patient´s Safety (SiNASP)

The presentation was also a practical demonstration of the online training program that SiNASP incorporates . A brief introduction was made to introduce the security systems currently being developed in healthcare, the security plan of the HUB and its Safety Committee.

All this information and the presentation of the sessions are available in the Security section of the area of quality in the intranet of the HUB.

The members of the Safety Committee would like to thank all the attendees.

July 2011

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