IDIBELL has signed a partnership with Step by Step Foundation which focuses on the physiotherapy rehabilitation of spinal cord injured, in order to promote and support new research in the field of spinal cord injuries.

This collaboration has the goal of creating an environment that enables the promotion of research and training in the field of spinal cord injury by holding conferences and scientific events, exchange of researchers, the organization of courses and training at ​​the University of Barcelona, ​​sharing facilities and equipment, the participation in joint projects and the development of innovative healthcare interventions.

IDIBELL collaborates with Step by Step Foundation for research in spinal cord injuries

Step by Step Foundation has also signed an agreement with Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR).

The signing of the agreement took place during Step by Step Foundation annual board meeting and was attended by the president and founder Mr. Frederic Crespo, the General Director of IDIBELL Mr.Emiliá Pola, GTMS management director Dr. Alfredo Garcia, the director of VHIR Foundation Dr. Joan X. Comella, and the responsible for VHIR institutional development Mrs. Carmen Netzel.

Setember 2011

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