HUB-ICO Breast Functional Unit celebrates the international day of this illness, a day for patients and families

On October 19th , the HUB and ICO Breast Cancer Functional Unit commemorated the International Day for Breast Cancer with a conference aimed at patients and their relatives and it was held in the auditorium of Hospital Duran i Reynals.

The seminar was entitled “Early detection more treatment more research the formula to fight breast cancer”. Dr. M. Jesús Plan Coordinator of the Functional Breast Unit, Dr. Josep M. Borras, Director of the Master Plan of Oncology, and Dr. Ander Urruticoechea , head of the Breast Cancer Care of the ICO intervened in the seminar.

The event presented data on breast cancer in Catalonia and on developments in the investigation of this disease. Videos were also screened: “A woman in the Functional breast Unit” and “ The end of breast cancer”.  Patients were able to expose a series of questions to experts regarding the disease.

The Breast Cancer Functional Unit of the HUB and the ICO is the oldest of the state and has the largest volume of patients in Catalonia. It is composed of 24 members: gynecologists, plastic surgeons, radiologists, anatomopathologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, nurses, psycho oncologist and administrative staff, all specialized on breast pathology.

Since its creation it has treated some 6500 women and performs 1,000 first visits annually with 460 confirmed cases and follows up 5500 patients.

The multidisciplinary approach and integration of research and medical care offers a greater survival rate and a better quality of life for patients. Currently, over 80% of patients survive the disease in a  ten years period, these results are comparable to those of the United States and to the most advanced European countries.

Three out of four women with breast tumor may benefit from conservative surgery and, therefore  keep the breast. Moreover, the group of patients to whom a mastectomy was performed  in more than 80% of the cases, an immediate reconstruction was performed.

November 2011

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