On  October 21th, around 50 professionals from the Department of Primary Care of, Viladecans Hospital, and Bellvitge University Hospital participated in the Regional Conference on Information Systems, organized by the Southern Metropolitan Territorial Management Area (GTMS) with the aim of working towards the integration of information technology in the region. The conference was held at the center Citilab Cornella de Llobregat.

GTMS Professionals discussed in a workshop about the territorial integration information systems

Before the summer, GTMS decided to give a boost to information systems as a strategic tool of work, three decisions were made: 1) create a Territorial Information Systems Committee with participants from AP, HV and HUB, chaired by Dr. Miguel Fernandez Castano ,president of the technical secretariat of the GTMS, 2) designate Dr.Lluis Murgui as responsible for the integration of computing devices and units of the territory, and 3) plan a workday, so that users could assess the current situation, existing needs and define priorities.

The Conference was divided into five groups:

1- The study group of the information and regional management  concluded that professionals could have simple and flexible access to the most relevant clinical information.

2-The group dedicated to information systems analyzed the need of a regional secretariat with a portfolio of services that include  design, homogenization and the upgrade of control panels, the definition and elaboration of territorial indicators and to give response to specific information needs not included in the control panels.

3-The group on information technologies as facilitators of the distance and home care, examined several possibilities: virtual agendas ECAP SAP alerts amongst professionals, testing patients via wireless mobile- emphasizing the need not to undervalue the human touch.

4- Meanwhile, the group on websites, intranets, collaboration tools and social network called for a greater openness to the public when providing information and offering services and stressed the importance of Web 2.0 tools to facilitate these approaches.

5- Finally, the group devoted to computer services in the area highlighted, among other considerations, the importance of the unification of all computing devices in the territory in order to improve the service to users.

At the joint plenary session were shared the findings of all groups and emphasized the need for information systems to add value to the professionals and to users. And the incentives  and improvements implemented at ICS level can be extended to other providers in the region.

Having studied all these contributions, the Territorial Management will be implementing actions in line with the recommendations issued in each area.

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