Under the framework of the territorial integration of the GTMS supporting structures, a new a dashboard system has been designed, is a more interactive and practical format and is available to all healthcare professionals. At the same time a new institutional access policy has been defined.

GTMS develops a new healthcare dashboard available to all professionals

As of July, all professionals from the HUB and the HV can access the dashboard of both hospitals through their intranets. The dashboard provides information and assessment based on quality indicators in different areas (Hospitalization, Surgical Block, Emergency and Outpatient Department) and hospital services.

The information is detailed per treatment, unit and services and can be found on PDF format using the link located in the main page of the intranet dashboard. Through the same page, it can also be accessed the information made before the SAP implementation.

In addition to the new dashboard, we are finalizing the design at Regional Technical Secretariat level of a specific circuit to meet specific needs on healthcare information. It is expected the use of an electronic application system and a unified circuit with one access point prioritized by characteristics and use of the requested information.

The new dashboard has been developed with the participation of professionals from the computing department-ICT belonging to the structure of the Technical Secretariat of the GTMS

Setember 2011

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