Greater accuracy in robotic surgery allows for the preservation of continence and sexual function

International Studies show that the robotic surgery used in the treatment of prostate cancer achieves better results in the preservation of urinary continence, the preservation of the sexual function and in the decrease of complications after surgery. “The greater accuracy of movements, the vision in three dimensions and the extension of the image in 10x magnification that the robot contributes are the key factors that make robotic surgery superior to conventional surgery in prostate cancer”, explains Dr. Francesc Vigués, Head of Section of the Bellvitge University Hospital Urology Department. “These results reinforce the hypothesis that the efficiency of surgical interventions with robotic surgical system compensates the high costs of purchase, maintenance and fungible material of this equipment”, he adds.

Up to the present moment, 150 radical surgeries of prostate with robotic assistance have been carried out at the Bellvitge University Hospital. “Of the total of patients with prostate cancer who are candidates for radical prostatectomy, 60% have received robotic surgery”, says Dr. Vigués. “We choose those patients that present cancer without dissemination out of the prostatic capsule and with good sexual potency before the surgery as candidates for robotic radical prostatectomy, since they are more likely to benefit from the greater accuracy of the use of the robot”.

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