The Professionals of the Electro-medicine Unit of Bellvitge University Hospital deal with the repair, maintenance and  inventory of the medical technological equipment of the Hospital. The Unit is under the Department of General Services and Projects, it is composed by a responsible, 5 electro-medicine technicians  and 3 administrative assistants. The Head of Unit is Mr. Enrique Beltran.

Electro-medicine Unit of the HUB has done more than 5,000 repairing and maintenance actions a year of technological equipment

The work of these professionals is especially relevant in a tertiary centers such as the Bellvitge University Hospital, a referent in complex pathology, and therefore, equipped with the latest technology.

The activity circuit starts when a healthcare professional has sent a repair order. Depending on the team affected and the incidence, there are different types of actions: an internal repair (done by the same Technical Unit), an external leased machine repair or an urgent external repair.
The 60.08% of repairs are performed by the same Electro-medicine technicians. In 2009,  the Unit managed 5098 damage communications, of which 3063 were internal.

The range of repaired equipment repair  went  from the most complex  to the simple tuning of surgical material.  Another priority of the Unit is to provide a rapid response to avoid any  alteration in the healthcare activity. In this sense, it is noteworthy that  of the 5098 repairs, 3359 (60.03%) were resolved in less than twenty-four hours.

The administrative assistants of the unit are responsible for processing the communications of breakdowns,  intervention management of an external company, monitoring and final closure of all actions. They are also in charge of all the paper work and contracts with outsourced companies.

As well as dealing with breakdowns, technicians perform periodical reviews of equipment  additionally reviewed by the outsourced  companies. Moreover, given their expertise in electrical equipment, in practice they also repair other types of  non medical equipment.

The Unit also handles the inventory of all equipment at the Hospital. In total, our center has about 5,000 registered electronic medical equipment. Additionally, the Electro Unit also advises on the purchase of new equipment and works currently in the planning of the new techno-surgical facilities  l (Phase II).

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