Between July 1st and December 31st, Dr. Montse Olivé, physician and researcher at the Institute of Neuropathology of the Anatomy Pathology Service of the HUB has worked at the Laboratory of Neuromuscular Morphology of the Institute of Myologie of Paris. This is one of the most prestigious and more experienced centers in the world in research and diagnosis of muscular diseases.

Dra. Montse Olivé has spent six months at the Myologie Institute of Paris

During her stay Dr. Olivé performed diagnosis tasks and developed a study focused on ultra-structural alterations in a group of muscle diseases with protein aggregates. Her work has contributed to the definition of some clinical and morphological phenotypes. This has allowed her to increase her knowledge and experience all the while benefiting patients in our hospital.

From the 12th to the 16th of October, Dr.Olive attended the 15th International Congress of the World Muscle Society, held in the Japanese city of Kumamoto, where she gave a conference on myofibrils myopathies.

The Institute of Neuropathology ,in collaboration with the Neurology Service of the HUB, is pioneer in the study of muscle diseases both from a pathological and clinical standpoint.

May 2011

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