Doctor. Laurence Claes gives a lecture at our hospitalon non suicidal self-injuries

She was a two month visiting professor at the pathological gambling and eating disorder unit

Doctor. Laurence Claes, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology at University of Leuven (Belgium), gave  on March 28 a conference  at our hospital entitled Non-Suicidal Self-injury from a biopsychosocial perspective: Assessment and treatment .

Doctor. Claes was a two month visiting professor at the Eating Disorders and pathological gambling Unit of the Department of Psychiatry of the Bellvitge University Hospital.

At teaching level her field of expertise is clinical evaluation, and she is responsible for organizing the specialization in Clinical Psychology at the University of Leuven. From a scientific perspective, she is an internationally recognized researcher for her studies in non suicidal self-injury behavior, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive and personality disorders.

During the conference, she gave a perspective essential to understand these behaviors in all their complexity and achieve the greatest possible effectiveness in treatments.

2012 April

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