Cardiologists of the HUB are the authors of a study published in “The Lancet” on the use of stents in percutaneous coronary intervention for myocardial infarction

Dr. Angel Cequier and Dr. José Antonio Gómez-Hospital are two of the authors of the article everolimus-eluting stent versus bare-metal stent in ST-segment elevation myocardial infaction (Examination): 1 year results of a randomised controlled trial , published in September in the journal The Lancet . The study, funded by the Spanish Heart Foundation,has involved 12 hospitals in Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

This study, in which 1,498 patients were included, has compared for the first time the use in the treatment of myocardial infarction of a second generation stent drug-release using a BMS of the same material but without releasing any drug or polymer. After a year of monitoring has established that the use of a drug-releasing device does not improve the patient’s overall prognosis compared with BMS, although it reduces the revascularitzation of  the injury and the thrombosis of stent.

2012 November

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