Alicia Casals, Josep Samitier and Angel Raya presented their research areas On June 6th, the Institute for  Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) presented its activities to biomedical researchers and doctors from IDIBELL, as part of the official agreement of collaboration between both institutes.

Biopol organizes an event in our hospital where IBEC presents its activities toIDIBELL researchers

The presentation and welcome was done by Mr. Ramon Lopez, General Director of Biopol’H; Mr. Josep Planell, director of IBEC, and Mr. Emiliá Pola, CEO of IDIBELL.
The research director of IDIBELL Gabriel Capella introduced the threes peakers, Dr. Alicia Casals, Dr. Josep Samitier and Dr. Angel Raya, who explained the new areas of strategic research at IBEC regarding intelligent healthcare, nanomedicine, and cellular engineering. After each presentation, there was an open discussion.
The close interaction between researchers from IBEC and IDIBELL will allow our doctors to benefit from the technology being developed by this prestigious research institution in bioengineering. At the same time, the vision of our doctors and scientists will help IBEC to better outline the impact of its research on healthcare and society

July 2011

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