This year the course was complemented by a meeting of experts on Laparoscopic gastric plication. For the first time, a group of international experts met to share experiences and knowledge about this new surgical procedure, which was presented on the day of the course in a press conference at the Hospital.
Bellvitge University Hospital was one of the pioneer centers in this type of intervention. Furthermore, thanks to the availability of the surgical robotic system da Vinci, has been the world’s first center to perform a  Laparoscopic gastric plication by robotic surgery.

Bellvitge University Hospital, the world’s first center to perform a gastric laparoscopic plication using robotics surgey

The Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Unit of the University Hospital de Bellvitge has recently been accredited as a center of excellence by the Surgical Review Corporation. It is the first Spanish center and the third European center to receive this accreditation, which certifies that its procedures and results in terms of morbidity and mortality have goo dquality standards.
It is a multidisciplinary unit, an example in Catalonia and Spain, formed by surgeons, endocrinologists, dieticians, anesthesiologists, radiologists, pneumologist, psychiatrists and nurses in outpatient clinics, operating rooms and floors in connection with this pathology.
May 2011

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