Bellvitge University Hospital received on October 26th, 2010, and for the second time in a row,  the TOP 20 award as one of the top four in Spanish hospital management. The award was shared with the Agrupació Sanitària Sant Joan de Déu, Hospital Clinic, Hospital Universitario Son Dureta and the Healthcare  Complex of University of Salamanca.

Bellvitge University Hospital received the award, for the fourth time, as one of the TOP 20 best hospitals in Spain

This is the fourth time that Bellvitge University Hospital receives this award in the eleven year history of the award (years 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2010), which emphasizes the success in quality, performance and efficiency, as result of the efforts of all its professionals. It has also been recognized (in 2008) as one of the best hospitals in the field of the nervous system.

The presentation of the awards took place in Madrid, the guest speaker was Prof. Guillem López Casasnovas, who gave a lecture entitled  “health system reliable and flexible”.

TOP 20 Hospitals is the only objective assessment program of acute hospitals in Spain and it is done by the company Iasist. It is based on objective indicators, obtained from official data, providing healthcare centers with a useful benchmark.

This year, 165 centers have participated, the highest number of participants so far, from which 134 were from the National Health System and 31 were private. Participation is voluntary and free.

Hospitals evaluated were divided into seven categories according to their size and ownership attachment, public or private. To evaluate the overall hospital management, a category where the HUB has reached the TOP 20, were taken into account eight indicators: three of care quality  (mortality, complications, readmissions), two of adequacy of clinical practice (outpatient surgery and avoidable hospitalizations) and three efficiency (stays, productivity and cost).

In addition, each hospital could also participate in the evaluation of six clinical areas (heart disease, digestive tract, women´s area, respiratory, nervous system, and trauma), each one has specific awards.
In the ICS, Hospital Arnau de Vilanova of Lleida was TOP 20 in the category of hospitals with specialty of reference, Hospital Virgen de la Cinta won an award in the direct management and the University Hospital Vall d’Hebron has achieved recognition for the area of the nervous system.

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