Bellvitge University Hospital and Teknon Medical Center have applied for the first time in Spain and second in Europe, a new prosthesis for interventional endoscopy that includes the creation of transluminal communications within the digestive system. This system, besides providing a prosthesis in a Diabolo shape (wider on the sides than the middle) is easier to install and more stable than the previous ones.
The main novelty concept is that the endoscopist can open internal connections that until now could only be created by surgery.

Bellvitge University Hospital is pioneer in a new interventional endoscopy procedure in Spain

The system, called Axios Stent and Delivery System, was developed by Kenneth Binmoeller an interventional endoscopist from the California Pacific Medical Center,
and by the medical company Xlumena. Besides the United States, has also been
used in the Netherlands and Japan. The interventions done in Bellvitge University
Hospital and in Teknon Medical Center were performed by Dr. Joan B. Gornal on May
27th, to treat pancreatic Pseudocyst of 11 cm and 12 cm respectively. All patients
received medical clearance within 24 hours after surgey.
The Pseudocyst pancreas is a rare pathology consisting of a bag of liquid in the
abdomen. In recent years, interventional endoscopy is an alternative to open surgery to treat this disease. This new procedure is faster and more convenient for the doctor and the patient, avoiding the re-intervention required in other procedures to fix the prosthesis in the drained area. Following the initial success, it is expected that its use will spread rapidly finding other applications, such as the treatment of certain cases of gallbladder stones or bowel obstruction.
For all the prospects it opens, the appearance of this new technique is an important step in the continuous development by interventional endoscopy and surgery through natural orifices (NOTES). This is a less invasive alternative to conventional open surgery.

July 2011

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