An agreement between the HUB and the hospitals of Tarragona, Reus and Tortosa on lung cancer patient flow was reached

Bellvitge University Hospital and the hospitals in Tarragona, Reus and Tortosa have established agreements on patient flow in the specialty of Thoracic Surgery, and more specifically, the treatment process of lung cancer. The HUB is the hospital of referrence for the care of highly complex processes in the regions of Tarragona and Tortosa.

The agreements have been developed by Dr. Miguel Carbonell (medical director of Joan XXIII University Hospital), Dr. Albert Salazar (medical director of the HUB), Dr. Pilar Closa (medical director of the Hospital Sant Joan de Reus), Dr. Salvado Pallejà (medical director of the Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Cinta), and the responsibles of each specialty (Dr. Canalís, Dr. Dorca and Dr. Moya, Dr. Baeta. And Dr Manresa).

The main decision, from the organizational point of view, was the creation of a unique Regional Functional Unit of Thoracic Surgery in Tarragona (Reus / Tarragona), with the Tertiary reference of the Service of Thoracic Surgery of the HUB and the Functional Unit of Lung Cancer of the HUB / ICO. A list was drawn detailing the portfolio of Thoracic Surgery services that will be offered by the Functional Unit of Tarragona and the HUB as a tertiary center of reference.

This initiative is part of the a series of agreements that the Medical Direction of Hub has signed in recent years with several hospitals in our area of influence.

2012 May

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