An additional load dose of the platelet inhibitor Prasugrel improves the response to this drug

Dr. José Luis Ferreiro, cardiologist from the Bellvitge University Hospital, and researcher of IDIBELL, has published in JACC Cardiovascular Interventions the article Impact of Prasugrel Reload Dosing Regimens on High On-Treatment Platelet Reactivity Rates in Patients on Maintenance Prasugrel Therapy, together with colleagues from Florida College of Medicine–Jacksonville,

The conclusions of this study show that a dose with additional load of Prasugrel improves the response in patients who are chronically treated with this drug.

This study is based on pharmacodynamic tests (platelet function tests) carried out on 64 patients in maintenance treatment with Prasugrel after percutaneus heart surgery. The data that the study contributes show that an additional load of 30 ó 60 mg of the drug in patients that receive maintenance treatment (10 mg a day) manages to improve the pharmacodynamic response all the patients with suboptimal response to the drug.

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