On  November19th, the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and the Consortium Biopol L’Hospitalet de Llobregat signed a framework agreement for collaboration. This agreement will allow the integration of research groups of the CSIC in the Biopol’H space and will help the construction of a new building to locate the Institute for Biomedical Research (IIBB).

Agreement for the integration of research groups from the CSIC in space Biopol'H

The President of the Generalitat, José Montilla, presided over the signing of this agreement, which was signed by the President of the Biopol L’H board and the  Minister of Health, Marina Geli, and by the president of  the CSIC, Rafael Rodrigo. The ceremony was also attended by the Mayor of L’Hospitalet, Nuria Marín.

They agreed to emphasize the importance of joining forces to carry out a project like Biopol L’H, stating that the collaboration with the CSIC is a fundamental impulse to turn it into a project reference in Catalonia, in Spain, in the Mediterranean region  and in the world.

By signing this agreement, the parties expressed their desire to integrate the CSIC in the Biopol L’H. Among the clauses of the agreement, there is the intention of studying and implementing projects and programs of research and development in scientific areas of mutual interest as well as facilitate mutual counseling, support and exchange of information.

It also establishes the general guidelines for cooperation in training programs for technical researchers, and for the exchange and collaboration of professionals and the creation of joint units of research and development.

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