Agility and efficiency in the collection of dirty linen

This month of April, was launched a new system for collecting laundry in the HUB. The system is a reduction of transit times, greater cleanliness and hygiene, not using the elevators for moving clothes, minimal manipulation and separation of clean and dirty clothes circuits.

The new procedure involves pneumatic tubes placed in intermediate storage of waste that will carry cloth bags directly from all areas of the hospital to the Laundry through a vacuum system. They have labeled the spaces and the handling  of the bags are made solely by the workers of the cleaning company. It was necessary to replace the former bags of collection of clothes for another compatible model that has been distributed to all units of the HUB.

Dirty laundry is transported in bags of 12 kg capacity, and of only single use. The hoppers are scattered in different areas of the Hospital and they lead into the download area. At this stage, we are carrying about 700 bags daily releases.

2013 May

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